30/05/2017 20:47 BST | Updated 31/05/2017 08:44 BST

'Britain's Got Talent': Simon Cowell Risks A Soaking With Amanda Holden Botox Jibe

When will people learn not to mess with the Holden?

Simon Cowell risked a soaking from Amanda Holden during Tuesday’s (30 May) instalment of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, after he dropped a shady joke about his fellow judge’s use of Botox.

The music mogul was offering his critique to child magician Issy Simpson, who began her routine in the second round of live semi-finals by emerging from under a sheet, which an actress portraying an older version of herself had previously disappeared underneath.

While offering his thoughts on the performance, Simon branded Issy a “witch” (in a good way, we promise!), before commenting he wasn’t sure how she pulled off making herself younger at the beginning of the trick.

Turning to Amanda, he remarked: “She uses magic, you use Botox.”

Amanda was unimpressed with the jibe

Amanda, who has never been a stranger to throwing some water over her co-stars (particular when it comes to comments about her appearance), then grabbed the drink next to her on the desk, but after hesitating for a second, clearly thought better of soaking her boss live on air.

David Walliams couldn’t resist a dig when it was his turn to speak, though, telling Simon: “It’s a good thing you’ve never used Botox, eh?”

Child magician Issy Simpson's trick promoted the joke

Water-throwing, of course, is nothing new on ‘BGT’, as ‘Britain’s Got More Talent’ host Stephen Mulhern discovered back in 2015, when he compared Amanda to plastic surgery enthusiast Jocelyn Wildenstein, only to wind up with a glass of water in the face.

A year later, and Amanda wound up getting a telling off from Simon when a similar incident occurred during auditions, ruining a microphone in the process.

The ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ live semi-finals continue all this week, from 7.30pm on ITV.

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