31/08/2017 08:02 BST

Simon Cowell Says Mel B 'Lacked Sense Of Humour' Over 'America's Got Talent' Jibe

'I was trying to make light of something.'

Simon Cowell has accused Mel B of a sense of humour failure, over a gag he made at her expense during a recent ‘America’s Got Talent’ live show.

Last week, the music mogul commented that one act had reminded him of “Mel’s wedding night”, adding: “A lot of anticipation…not much promise or delivery.”

Mel - who is currently going through a messy divorce from her husband of 10 years, Stephen Belafonte - then made headlines when she stormed off the set, but not before throwing her cup of water over Simon.


Although she insisted at the time that the stunt had been done “in a jokey way”, Simon has now suggested this wasn’t quite the case.

Speaking to his ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour on ‘Extra’, he explained he didn’t “really” regret his comment, saying: “I was trying to make light of something… I thought she’d have a sense of humour. She lost it.”

He continued: “I was the one who got soaked, so I should be mad at her. She’s fine. I’m fine. Just one of those things, Terri. We got over it.”

Jeffrey Mayer via Getty Images
Simon Cowell

Telling her side of the story, Mel admitted that she was already emotional when Simon made the joke, having been moved by an act which had reminded her of her father’s recent death.

She told ‘Extra’: “The act before made me cry, because it’s all about dads and cancer and I just lost my dad.

“He goes and says something stupid like that, so then I got angry. How do you know what my wedding night was like all those years ago?”

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Mel B

Over the weekend, the former Spice Girls singer made an appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards, where she sent a very public message to her ex on the red carpet, in a dress which bore the message, “you will never own me”.

A similar dress had previously been worn by Kesha back in 2015, amid her ongoing legal dispute with record producer Dr Luke.

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