Model Makes Entire Dress Out Of Prawn Crackers

It's just as pretty as the red carpet version.

A model and fashion designer has turned her favourite snack into a stunning dress.

Sine Benjaphorn, from Bangkok, Thailand, decided to recreate Araya A. Hargate's Ralph & Russo gown using nothing but prawn crackers and a bit of mesh fabric.

It's Cannes Film Festival meets crunchy goodness.

Anyone else starting to really fancy a bag of prawn crackers? That (probably now-stale) dress look good enough to eat.

This also isn't the first time Benjaphor has recreated celebrity fashion and incorporated foodstuffs - like when she channeled Clare Danes at the Met Gala, with added KFC.

Katy Perry in the 'Roar' video, with added vegetable headdress.

This seaweed hair creation.

And this magnificent fork crown.

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