12/05/2017 12:02 BST

Sky Sports’ Hayley McQueen Claims Woman ‘Have To Put In Twice As Much Effort’ As She Discusses Sexist Critics

'With a girl it’s like they look for something to criticise you on, they’re looking for you to make mistakes, they’re looking for you to say something.'

Sky SportsHayley McQueen has spoken out about the sexist criticism she faces, stating she feels female presenters have to work harder to avoid nasty comments.

Hayley is currently a main anchor on Sky Sports News and also presents the Saturday evening highlights show ‘Match Choice’.

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Hayley McQueen
Sky Sports
Hayley on Sky Sports 

Hayley has also opened up about some of the messages she receives on social media, explaining while she still receives a number of inappropriate tweets, the situation has improved in recent years.

She said: “It’s great that we get so many tweets from girls now, originally it was just blokes like, ‘Why don’t you wear more low-cut stuff? Why when you go to events wearing hot dresses, why don’t you wear them on Sky Sports?’

“You just get really disgusting messages about what they’re doing to themselves while you’re presenting. I tend not to check Twitter so much for that anymore but it’s like, ‘Seriously? come on!’ It’s always men, never women.”

Hayley’s TV career began over a decade ago, when she worked as a runner on ‘Richard And Judy’.

She then landed her first sports presenting role, on Middlesbrough’s Boro TV channel, before being headhunted by Sky Sports.

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