Slay The Day: A Sustainable Start With Venetia Falconer

Green-living is important for a lot of people... but how much does the environment figure in your morning routine? Sustainability activist Venetia Falconer starts the day as she means to go on - and that's by making eco-friendly choices from the moment her alarm goes off.

Cold showers, toothpaste tabs and avoiding a car commute - these are all ways that Venetia Falconer starts her day in a sustainable way. As an activist for environmentally-friendly living, Falconer believes that you need to start the day as you mean to go on, and that means making eco-friendly tweaks to your morning routine.

Her clothes choices also tally with her beliefs. Falconer doesn’t buy new clothing but rather relies on charity shops and vintage outfits.

She also lives near a packaging-free shop where she can buy her groceries without piling up with plastic.