Slay The Day

Trying to get small humans ready while trying to get out the door for the day is no easy task. Parenting blogger Robert Douglas
As a food influencer and nutritionist, Joseph Cumberbatch takes his meal prep very seriously.
Entrepreneur and former Apprentice contestant Camilla Ainsworth makes sure she is the "master of her minutes" every morning. As the owner of a start-up, she has to use her time wisely. So that means multi-tasking and just a few to-do lists.
Green-living is important for a lot of people... but how much does the environment figure in your morning routine? Sustainability activist Venetia Falconer starts the day as she means to go on - and that's by making eco-friendly choices from the moment her alarm goes off.
Journalist and author Poorna Bell often has a busy schedule. To start her day in the right way she makes sure she gets to the gym to weight lift. In this episode of Slay The Day, she takes us through her routine - from a nourishing breakfast to keeping on top of her planner.