Slay The Day: Meal Prep With Nutritionist Joseph Cumberbatch

As a food influencer and nutritionist, Joseph Cumberbatch takes his meal prep very seriously.

It’s not news that mornings can be tough. But how can we set up our day to make sure we’re living our best life from the moment we wake up?

Unsurprisingly, nutritionist Joseph Cumberbatch thinks that what we eat and drink is key to starting the day right – and takes his meal prep very seriously. From a cup of ginger tea first thing to making his evening meals before he goes to work, organisation is his key to eating healthily without sacrificing flavour. Pancakes, smoothies and delicious dinners all feature in his daily food diary.

Many people struggle to get ahead of themselves with food prep but Joseph thinks that with a few small changes and investments in the kitchen, anyone can keep on top of a nutritious diet, no matter how busy they are.