I'll Never Cook Porridge On The Stove Again After Trying This Method

After waking up to ready-warmed porridge, I'm never going back.
annabogush via Getty Images

I love porridge. I’ve even gone so far as to buy myself a spurtle ― a thin, long stirring tool used in traditional Scottish cooking. But even I have to admit that despite my love for the breakfast, it isn’t half a pain to cook in the morning.

There’s the impossible-to-clean pan. There’s the sheer time it takes to achieve the perfect creamy consistency. And then there’s the fact that if you’re anything like me, you’re too busy doing a million other tasks in the morning to prep yourself a nourishing bowl of oats ― however badly you want to.

But recently, I found a way of cooking porridge that’s transformed my morning routine completely ― there’s little washing-up, there’s no effort, and crucially it’s cooked and ready the second I get up.


The secret is to use a slow cooker (which I honestly think should have as much, or ― gasp ― more hype around it as air fryers do).

Believe me when I tell you I was sceptical of the method. I feared watery gruel and burnt oats ― in fact, the only thing that sent me into more of a panic than the potentially ruined oats was the thought of trying to do another steamy stir-and-type rush in the morning.

But actually, the philosophy of the slow cooker ― low, slow, gentle heat ― works well with porridge, which wants low heat and gradual infusion.

The resulting breakfast is amazingly smooth and creamy, and ― it bears repeating ― is ready the second you get up.

How do I make it?

First, I like to grease the pot in my slow cooker lightly with butter to ensure no oil sticks to it.

Then, I add about eight times the amount of liquid to oats ― or 2L of water for 250g oats. It seems like a lot of water, but it needs it as it’ll be cooking for so long. You can add milk if you like.

I stir in nutmeg, a dash of salt, and cinnamon at this point ― add whatever flavours you life. I also tend to go with a jumbo oat, as these hold up longer than more finely-milled options.

Then, simply set your slow cooker to low and leave it to run for eight hours. Voila ― perfect warm porridge ready for when you wake up!