14/03/2018 15:19 GMT

The Funniest Slow Fashion Memes Poking Fun At Fast Fashion

The power of social media ✊🏿

An Instagram account has garnered attention for it’s sustainably themed mocking of the fast fashion industry. The Slow Fashion Memes account posts witticisms on the perils of shopping the high street instead of opting for more sustainable modes of retail therapy. 

The account has been growing in popularity despite the fact that many people have a weak spot for fast fashion. While the industry may be useful for our bank accounts (and momentarily quench our insatiable thirst for the latest trends), it does take its toll on others - often women in third world countries.  

This account is using social media to educate its followers on the allure of fast fashion through humour - namely by poking fun at the industry’s wasteful nature and proving that caring about the planet and having a sense of humour are not mutually exclusive.

Here’s a few of the memes that tickled our funny bones: