This Period Device Texts You When Your Tampon Is Full

It wants to 'obliterate period anxiety' for good.

Worrying about whether your period may have leaked is theworst.

You check seats every time you stand up, go to the toilet a thousand times a day and wearing white is a no no.

Now, thanks to a new piece of tech, you can monitor how full your tampon is and prevent those embarrassing leakages.

MyFlow is the world's first tampon monitor, which texts you when your tampon needs changing.

The small device attaches to the string of a specially-formulated tampon and then clips on to either your underwear or clothes.

The tampon features an insulated (and extremely long) string which then connects to the device and enables information to be transmitted from your body to your smartphone.

The app not only prevents leaks, but it also lets you monitor your flow on a month-by-month basis.

We don't know about you, but we're happy to see more innovative products being made to help women during their monthlies.

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