Smyths Toys Praised For 'If I Were A Toy' Advert That Breaks Gender Stereotypes

Now that's how it should be done.

A kids’ toy advert is being praised for breaking gender stereotypes and sending a positive message to children.

Smyths Toys recreated Beyonce’s ‘If I Were A Boy’ into ‘If I Were A Toy’ for their latest 40-second advert.

The main character, called Oscar, imagines what life would be like if he was a toy for a day.

He begins by turning into a rocket and fantasises about flying through space. But it’s his wish of becoming a queen that has pleased many viewers.

Oscar dresses up in a pink dress with a crown and waves to his subjects from the castle, proving no one needs to conform to gender stereotypes.


The advert, posted on YouTube on 23 September, was viewed 300,000 times in four days.

The toy brand tweeted out the advert on Monday 26 September and was immediately flooded with praise.

Munroe Bergdorf

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