Snapchat Speed Filter Allegedly Caused Teen To Crash Her Car At 107mph

Astonishingly, she then posted another Snapchat from the ambulance...

An 18-year old girl from Georgie, USA is being sued after she allegedly crashed her car while playing with the Snapchat 'Speed' filter.

The crash which involved the teen hitting another car at around 107mph leaving one of its occupants with permanent brain damage.


Mr Wentworth Maynard now reportedly has trouble walking, suffers from memory loss and depression as a result of the injury to his brain.

Michael Lawson Neff have filed a civil lawsuit against both 18-year old Christal McGee and Snapchat themselves on the grounds that the teenager was being negligent in her driving while Snapchat was being negligent for including the feature in the first place.

Snapchat's 'Speed' filter uses GPS on board the smartphone to determine what speed the user is travelling at.

In a statement on the law firm's website MLN points out that every year over 400,000 road-based deaths are caused by distracted driving.

“This case is unique in that we have clear evidence linking use of the Snapchat miles per hour filter in the moments leading up to the crash with the kind of grievous harm we know this product is capable of,” said Lead Attorney Michael L. Neff.

“It’s our hope that this case will not only garner justice for Mr. Wentworth, but will pressure Snapchat to stop putting the public at risk.”