27/04/2018 11:07 BST

Snapchat's New Spectacles Are Slimmer, Water-Resistant And More Expensive

The new Snapchat Spectacles have gone on sale for £149.99.

Snap has unveiled a brand-new version of its Snapchat Spectacles that are slimmer, water-resistant and even more expensive than the last pair.

For those of you that remember the previous pair of Spectacles, you would be forgiven for wondering why Snap has done this.

The new Spectacles come in three colours and feature a new more subtle design without the yellow 'ring' surrounding the camera.

The original Spectacles were £129.99, initially impossible to get hold of and while we liked their quirky charm, they had some pretty annoying drawbacks.

The video quality wasn’t great, they screamed “I’M FILMING YOU” and when you finally did capture your social masterpiece it took an age to then download the video to your smartphone.

As a result they didn’t exactly fly off the shelves, in fact Snap admitted to taking a whopping $40m loss when it was revealed that they had hundreds of thousands of unsold Spectacles just sitting in a warehouse.

Yet despite all of this, Snap has pressed ahead and made a version 2.0.

What’s new?

Well for starters Snap has addressed one of the biggest problems with the Spectacles by making them a lot slimmer. They now look like actual sunglasses and thanks to their new water resistance they can genuinely be taken just about anywhere.

Even though they’re smaller the battery life is the same and you should be able to get around 70 videos from each charge.

They also come in three new colours: onyx, ruby and sapphire and you can choose two different types of lens for each one.


The video quality has been upped to HD by standard, addressing another problem with last year’s pair which was that the video just didn’t look very good.

Snap has also introduced a new syncing technology that uses WiFi-only which means that despite increasing the quality of the video, actually transferring your Snaps to your phone is now a much quicker process, about 3-4 times quicker in fact.


Finally they’ve made the glasses case much smaller while still maintaining the integrated battery pack so you can still get around 4 extra charges every time you put them back in their case.

Correcting the mistakes of the past don’t come cheap though, the new Spectacles are actually more expensive than last year’s pair costing a cool £149.99.

If all this sounds like a reason to finally get on board with Snapchat’s smart glasses then you can actually buy them right now via Snapchat’s website.