The president reportedly does not like to be seen wearing reading glasses.
Other odd items found in the system include glasses, weddings rings and a football scarf.
But then, people who wear glasses always suspected that...
Vision loss that was previously considered irreversible can actually be partially reversed and patients given “significant
6. So many feels. 5. Surely they can invent a solution for this... 7. We're not completely blind without them... SEE ALSO
When people hear I have had laser eye surgery I am often hit with a barricade of questions. What did it feel like? Did it hurt? Can you still see? etc. I understand that this is not the sort of decision you enter into lightly- hey it took me about one year of research to decide to sign up (and that included finding at least 5 real life success stories from people).
A person wearing Google Glass can now use a piece of software to recognise your pin from over 10m just by using the camera