So THAT's Why Ant And Dec Always Do This With Their Watches On I’m A Celebrity

Did you spot the cover-up?
The duo.
The duo.

So it seems that the keen-eyed viewers have picked up on more than just the drama-filled series of this year’s I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

We’ve had shock exits, arguments and head-on confrontations – but, despite all this, the show hasn’t got off to the best start.

Viewers have chosen to boycott the show thanks to the appearance of Nigel Farage. This comes a year after ex-health minister Matt Hancock appeared on the show and received scathing criticism from other contestants and audiences alike.

Nevertheless, the fans who’ve stuck around and have been tuning in spotted something a little bit unusual about Anthony McPartlin (Ant) and Declan Donnelly’s (Dec) watches.

Upon closer inspection, the two seemed to have the faces of their watches covered with plasters and black tape, and people were rushing to get to the bottom of why this was.

That was until I’m A Celebrity producers confirmed that the contestants have ‘no idea what time it is’, and these are measures the production takes to keep it that way.

This is a question that was asked way back in 2017 and then hosts of I’m a Celebrity: Extra Camp hosts Joel Dommett and Scarlett Moffatt gave exactly the same reason, and told us why.

“It’s so the campmates don’t know the time, so all the watches are covered for the people that see the campmates all the time, like Ant, Dec and Medic Bob.

“I think it’s just so you’re really disorientated, like we had no concept of time,” Moffat said.

In a statement to another fan, the Twitter/X programme’s official account stated: “Ant & Dec’s watches are covered to stop the celebs finding out what time it is - they have no idea, as no clocks in camp.”

So, there you have it. The camp may have a roof, fake waterfalls and fake canopy — but no clue what the time is.


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