Beauty Bloggers Are Putting Soap On Their Eyebrows And This Is Why

The results are UNreal.

‘Soap brows’ are the new beauty trend taking over Instagram. Intrigued? You should be...

Using only a bar of soap and a spoolie brush, full and thick eyebrows to rival Cara Delevingne’s can be yours (seriously).

The queen of brows, aka Anastasia Beverly Hills, shared blogger Shelby Triglia’s super simply soap brows tutorial video (below) and it’s seriously mind-blowing.

First she rubs a clean spoolie brush over the soap, then sweeps in an upwards motion across her brow.


Check out that before and after!

To finish off the look, Triglia uses a tiny bit of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer pencil underneath her brow line to add some definition.


Then creates a sharper arch with a concealer a shade paler than her skin tone.


Et voilà, bigger brows that look completely natural.


The only time we’ll genuinely recommend putting soap anywhere near your eyes.

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