Someone Built A Real-Life Version Of Pong, The 70s Video Game

Remember Pong? The devilishly simple 70's video game that for many, became their introduction into a world that now lets you explore entire solar systems.

Well Daniel Perdomo and his team of fellow Pong enthusiasts have taken their love of retro video games to a whole new level.

You see what they've done is taken Pong and bring it into the real world in the form of an incredible tabletop game.

Joining an esteemed family of games which include air hockey and foosball, this astonishing creation is so much more impressive than you might think.

You see this isn't some remastered version of air hockey, it's the actual video game, running in real-time but projected onto physical pieces.

The 'square' that flies around is actually attached via magnet and moves entirely in sync with the computer game.

Think of it as a giant physical 'screen' that's showing the video game.

Sadly real-life Pong is just a concept at the moment but Perdomo is hoping that if they can find a manufacturer then this glorious piece of techno-wizardry will be available to buy.