Sony PS4 Neo and Slim Event: Watch It Live Here At 8PM BST

Tune in tonight at 8PM BST.

Because Apple unveiling a brand-new iPhone isn’t enough, Sony is also holding its very own PlayStation event this evening where the company is expected to unveil not one, but two brand-new PS4 consoles.

Taking place at 8PM BST UK time, the PlayStation Meeting is being held at the PlayStation Theater in New York.

The PlayStation 4 has remained pretty much the same since its launch aside from receiving a much-needed storage upgrade to 1TB.

Arguably winning the race against Microsoft’s Xbox, the two are preparing to engage in a whole new arena: virtual reality.

Microsoft has already its plans for virtual reality in the form of a new, cheaper 4K-enabled Xbox One S, and then the Xbox Scorpio which will be specifically designed for virtual reality games next year.

Sony are also expected to unveil not one, but two brand-new PlayStation 4 consoles including the PS4 Slim and the PS4 ‘Neo’.

The Slim is expected to be a smaller, cheaper version of the current PS4 which will cater to the Christmas crowd.

The ‘Neo’ (name still to be confirmed) however is expected to be a hugely powerful games console that will offer video games in 4K resolution and with a superior virtual reality experience.

It’s important to note that despite this, all versions of the PS4 are compatible with PlayStation VR so you don’t have to buy the powerful version in order to get your first experience of virtual reality.

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