The US Space Force Has Unveiled A New Logo, And Star Trek Fans Have Something To Say About It

"What's next, Buzz Lightyear as their mascot?"
Star Trek/Space Force logos
Star Trek/Space Force logos
Screen Shots/Donald Trump Twitter/Wikipedia

It’s only been a week, but Donald Trump’s Space Force is once again the subject of ridicule – this time after the new logo was revealed and people pointed out it looked rather familiar.

Just seven days ago the force was mocked after revealing its new uniform – a practical camouflage print, which many pointed out probably wouldn’t do much good in the barren landscape outer space.

And now the Space Force logo has come under fire for its resemblance to one made famous in the hit TV show Star Trek.

Trump unveiled the Space Force logo on Friday, writing on Twitter that he had consulted with military leaders and designers before presenting the blue-and-white symbol.

‘Cool logo!’ you might think. It’s got it all. Planets, stars, shooting stars, roman numerals, a big arrow probably designed to represent a futuristic jet.

Just one issue – at first glance it’s almost indistinguishable from the logo for the fictional Star Trek Starfleet Command.

There are of course some differences, including the strike of red in the Star Trek design, the inclusion of the date, and the wording of the badge to reflect the actual Space Force, but the basic designs appear extremely similar.

George Takei, who played Mr. Sulu in the original “Star Trek” TV series and films, tweeted in response, “Ahem. We are expecting some royalties from this.”

Predictably, the internet did not let the striking similarity pass unchallenged:

But in a bid to defend the new logo, some pointed out that the badge was likely an evolution of a similar Air Force design that has been in circulation and worn for a number of years.

Space Force is the first new military service since the Air Force was created in 1947.

It is meant mainly to improve protection of US satellites and other space assets, rather than to put soldiers into orbit to conduct combat in outer space.

The idea became a regular applause line for Trump at his political rallies. He originally wanted a Space Force that was “separate but equal” to the Army, Navy and Air Force, but instead congress made it part of the Department of the Air Force.

“After consultation with our Great Military Leaders, designers, and others, I am pleased to present the new logo for the United States Space Force, the Sixth Branch of our Magnificent Military!” the Trump wrote.