St Andrew's Day: 5 Reasons To Be Proud Of Being Scottish

It's a day to celebrate!

Wednesday marks St Andrew’s Day, a celebration to honour the patron saint of Scotland.

A fisherman and a disciple of Jesus, St Andrew is also the patron saint of Romania, Greece and Russia and the celebration marks the beginning of Scotland’s winter festivals.

Among the myriad reasons to be proud of Scottish, it is a day to celebrate...

Russell Cheyne / Reuters
Offal, oatmeal and onions encased in an animal's stomach. What's not to like?
Robert Louis Stevenson
Hulton Deutsch via Getty Images
The Scottish novelist, poet and essayist produced such literary gems as Treasure Island and the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
Breathtaking scenery
Cathal McNaughton / Reuters
This is the stuff fairytales are made of. Just look at it.
Men in kilts
David Moir / Reuters
Emblematic of Scottish fashion, kilts blend style, politics and history. And showcase great legs.
Andy Murray
Adam Davy/PA Wire
Number one tennis player in the world. Not bad for a dour Scot.