16 Awful Stages Of Having A Fringe

That's it, we're shaving it all off.

Fringes are a hairstyle that look good on other people. In fact they look great on other people.

But do not be fooled, those are the people who have a personal assistant to ensure it is never ‘gappy’ in photos and the same people who don’t get a spotty forehead.

So while you may be bored of your current look, be warned, making a drastic change is likely to end in tears.

1. Deciding to have a fringe cut in because, Alexa Chung.

2. Leaving the hairdressers with it half way up your forehead and pretending to like it.

3. Wondering how they ever thought this was an acceptable length.

4. Telling yourself it will be fine once you sort it out yourself.

5. Accepting that you essentially have a mullet.

6. Having to become a hat model for two weeks.

7. Hating the 24/7 oil-slick-greasiness of this bad boy.

8. Remembering that a fringe is the most sassy and demanding hairstyle on the market.

9. Being smug that it has finally reached eyebrow length.

10. Feeling like a hair queen for four days.

11. Noticing it slowly creeping over your brow.

12. Blinking tiny strands of hair into your eyeball every ten seconds.

13. Wanting to pin it back off your face but every strand being a millimetre too short.

14. Channeling Kurt Cobain as you attempt to grow it out.

15. Vowing to never put yourself through this torture again.

16. Seeing a picture of Alexa Chung.

Somebody hide the scissors.


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