The 15 Stages Of Your Relationship With Your Bridesmaid's Dress

Mainly a lot of anger. And chiffon.

1. You’re so happy you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid.

2. You’ll be invited to the secret dress Pinterest boards.

3. You’ll spend hours talking to her about her dress.

4. Have many, MANY phonecalls about life-or-death decisions to do with the fabric, shape, cost, designer...

5. You are the ultimate best friend, the champion of friends.

6. Then the bride chooses what you're going to be wearing.

7. And you have to meet the other bridesmaids.

8. You realise that no shape is going to suit all of you.

9. But if you want your own dress, it’s going to cost you £200 for the pleasure.

10. You spend the whole wedding day being jealous of all the groomsmen who just got to put a flower in their top pocket.

11. You remember why nobody has picked your clothes since you were a child.

12. But at least you’ll get lots of wear out of it right…?

13. Actually no, it will just take up loads of space in your wardrobe for years to come.

14. But you can’t throw it away because, memories.

15. And despite the itchy fabric and the awful colour scheme, being by their side on the happiest day of their lives, is worth it.

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