There are demanding brides – and then there are bridezillas.
Wedding season is just around the corner - but as much as we love love, we all know weddings can bring their fair share of stress. From budgeting to comfy shoes, here are some tips on how to survive the marriage marathon.
George was a page boy, Charlotte was a bridesmaid and they were both ADORABLE.
A bride did the most wonderful thing to thank her best friend for helping to make her wedding day perfect. Leading up to
via GIPHY  7. And you have to meet the other bridesmaids.  via GIPHY  6. Then the bride chooses what you're going to be wearing
Most of us have been around the block long enough to see almost every version of bridesmaid from the supportive, good ones
You can't put a price on happiness, so the saying goes. But tell that to your average wedding guest. A recent survey has