Star Citizen Offers A $27,000 In-Game Players Pack

That's more than a car 😳

We’ve all encountered in-app or in-game purchases known as microtransactions but we bet you haven’t seen one like this.

Now while most in-game items will cost anywhere between £1.99 all the way up to £49.99 the popular PC game Star Citizen is offering only the most dedicated of its players the opportunity to pay a whopping £20,000 for an in-game pack.

It’s called the Legatus Pack and it will give the customer nearly every single ship currently available in the game along with a whole host of extras.

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To even have access to this pack you need to have already spent £1000 in-game already.

Star Citizen is a huge space simulation game that lets you trade, fight and explore a vast part of the galaxy. With several million players, the game has attracted a considerable number of extremely dedicated fans.

What’s perhaps even more astonishing, apart from the price, is the fact that Star Citizen isn’t technically finished yet. The game has actually been in development since 2012 when it launched a Kickstarter campaign.

Since then it has received a whopping $200m in funding and massively expanded its goals with a single-player campaign now currently in development starring Mark Hamill and Gary Oldman in lead roles.

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The Star Citizen series is the brainchild of Chris Roberts who created the iconic Wing Commander series of games.

Unlike most games where you can earn new ships, in Star Citizen you can only buy new ships with real money. In this way you’re contributing to the development of the game and in the end the finished product.

If £20,000 sounds like a lot, some of the most expensive in-game transactions we’ve ever seen often take place on PC.

The massively multiplayer online game Eve Online has seen an unofficial value added to many of the ships within by the players and there are some battles that have taken place where up to $200,000 worth of in-game ships and items have been permanently destroyed.

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