New 'Star Wars' Trilogy From Rian Johnson Announced By Disney

Rian Johnson will direct the three new films.

The current ‘Star Wars’ trilogy will not be the last, as Disney has confirmed plans to make three more films when it’s finished.

The ‘Star Wars’ universe is already expanding dramatically thanks to more spin-off films - ‘Rogue One’ and the upcoming Han Solo prequel - and Rian Johnson, who is currently completing work on ‘The Last Jedi’, will write and direct the new movies.

There's no word yet on which characters the trilogy will focus on
There's no word yet on which characters the trilogy will focus on
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Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has praised Rian ahead of the project, saying: “We all loved working with Rian on ‘The Last Jedi’.

“He’s a creative force, and watching him craft ‘The Last Jedi’ from start to finish was one of the great joys of my career.

“Rian will do amazing things with the blank canvas of this new trilogy.”

The director then addressed the news on Twitter:

‘The Last Jedi’ will arrive in cinemas this December and will feature Carrie Fisher’s final star turn as General Leia.

Trailers for the film have given little away, hinting at a dark future for Rey and revealing that Luke Skywalker will set foot in his favourite piece of junk again.

Mark Hamill has hinted at what we can expect from his character, steering fans away from the idea that Luke will be The Last Jedi’s villain.


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