Why People Are Putting Stars In Their Windows As We Come Out Of Lockdown

The National Care Forum hopes this will create a moment to “connect by care and unite in loss”.

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People who have lost loved ones during the coronavirus outbreak are being invited to post a star in their window or social media in a “mutual act of remembrance”.

The National Care Forum (NCF) said it hopes this will create a moment to “connect by care and unite in loss” as the world takes steps out of lockdown.


The UK coronavirus death toll stands at almost 55,000, according to the latest figures. There have been few chances for people to share their grief collectively regarding deaths during the pandemic, as well as existing bereavements, the NCF said.

People who have experienced loss are invited to share a star in their window or on social media using the hashtag #StarsInMemory.

The idea is supported by the NCF, Care England, the National Care Association and others.

“Loss is a very personal thing and affects us all in many different ways, said NCF executive director, Vic Rayner. “However, across care we have also felt and responded to this loss as only a community can. Coming together, sharing our strength and sharing our tears.

“In some small way, we hope that by recognising this loss together, we can show not only our individual pain, but also shine on a light on how we are united in our love, respect and regard for those who are no longer with us.”

Professor Martin Green, chief executive of Care England, said: “We must remember each and everyone who has lost their life as a result of this dreadful pandemic and do everything in our power to ensure that there are no more casualties.”