Grief is something we all encounter. Whether it's losing a loved one, a friend, a job and everything else, loss can have a profound effect on us and our brains. Dr Lisa Shulman has delved into the notion of loss and grief and their impacts upon the brain in her book Before and After Loss: A Neurologist's Perspective on Loss, Grief and the Brain.
So many of us are bereaved and unsure where to turn. Only by grieving together can we move on and heal, writes grief counsellor Lianna Champ.
The landmark bill would entitle mothers and their partners to three days of paid leave after a miscarriage or stillbirth.
After Fred died, we weren’t forced to watch the world carry on as normal with their happy carefree lives.
Separated by death or distance, five women share stories of their mothers.
"How was it that so many people who had never even met her were lighting candles for her?"
You may have seen Christmas with loved ones as a sort of consolation prize, I’m here to explain that it may not need to be as blue as you think it will be.
You can end up in a ‘no man’s land’ of wanting to help, but not knowing how.
It's normal to mourn holidays, jobs, social gatherings and other losses caused by Covid-19. This advice can help.
From my living room 4,000 miles away, seeing her grainy outline lets me grieve without the painful intensity. It’s like she’s present and accessible, 24/7.