How To Stay Warm Inside And Out In Freezing Weather

Your guide to staying cosy and comfortable no matter how low those temperatures drop.

We know, we know, it’s cold. It’s so cold we’ve resorted to wearing hats, gloves, and scarves inside while working from home. If that’s not bad enough, Storm Darcy is battering parts of Britain, bringing freezing conditions and plenty of snow over the coming weeks.

Rather than moaning about how you can’t put the heating on 24/7, there are other ways to keep warm whatever the weather. Here’s your one-way ticket to toasty times, which we’re sure your heating bills will thank us for.

Layers are your best friends

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When the queen of baking Mary Berry says “layers/lairs”, you know she’s on to something. The key to warmth is learning how to layer up properly and investing in some quality thermals is a smart move.

Not just for skiing, they’re this winter’s wardrobe essential, whether you’re stuck indoors or going out on your daily stroll. To ensure you reap the full warming effects, make sure your thermals fit snugly and are teamed with add-ons such as jumpers, jackets, and coats when you go outside in cold weather.

You can apply the same principle inside, too. Layers will insulate your body and make it easier to regulate your body temperature. The beauty of layers is that you add or remove them as needed to stay comfortable.

Drink up the steamy goodness

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Have a heavy rotation of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate on hand. Warm drink = warm insides. Invest in a teapot or cafetiere and you’ll be grateful that you did.

Alternatively, try making your own mulled cider or mulled wine at home when you’re feeling cold and want to cling on to the last remnants of festive spirit. Hot liquids will warm your insides and a hot mug or cup is excellent for heating cold hands, too. It’s easier to change your body temperature than room temperature, not to mention more eco-friendly.

Warmth on-the-go

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Hand warmers and hot water bottles might sound a bit old school, but they’re perfect for snuggling up to. Clutch hot water bottles like a baby under your coat or jumper and clasp hand warmers like you’re holding on for dear life – take them wherever you go. They’re good at giving you an added bit of comfort and warmth on those daily walks out – and wintry nights in.

If you’ve not tried YuYu’s wraparound hot water bottle, you can read our review here. Or for a gorgeously sustainable choice, we love this natural cherry stone pillow which can be warmed in the microwave and leaves you smelling like a cherry pie and toasty like you’ve just come out of the oven, too. Dreamy.

Keep on moving

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Nothing gets the blood pumping and the body warmer than simply moving about. Keeping active helps boost your circulation and it’s one of the ways to warm up quickly. Aim to move around at least once an hour, especially if you’re desk-bound all day.

Go on a winter walk to avoid sitting still for long periods of time. Or, if you can’t bear to leave the warmth of your home there are many ways to get your body temperature up by being active. Do a spring clean of the house, tackle a home DIY repair, or some light stretches will do you a world of good. Small movements will burn energy and help to heat up your body.

Wear thick socks or slippers

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Keeping your feet warm will make your whole body feel warmer. For an extra cosy feel, slip on a pair of ultra-warm wool socks and keep a pair of slippers to wear around the house. Or, why not both? Think of it as double-glazing for your feet where you’re doubling the insulation.

You can leave your hat on

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Berets may be fashionable, but nothing keeps you warmer than a proper beanie or bobble hat. The blood vessels in our head are closer to the skin’s surface than those in other parts of our body, which makes heat loss more likely. Keeping as much of your head’s surface area covered as possible will do a great deal to keep you feeling snug and cosy on those cold outdoor days. So put on your hat, even when you’re inside.