19/07/2018 15:54 BST

Stella Artois And Custard Creams Are The Secret To A Long Life, Says 100-Year-Old

Eileen has some top tips for those with their eye on a letter from the Queen...

Eileen Maher celebrated her 100th birthday on Saturday 

An OAP who has just celebrated her 100th birthday has attributed her longevity to her two favourite things - Stella Artois lager and custard creams.

Eileen Maher, who is 30 years older than the NHS and just three months younger than the RAF, received a telegram from the Queen to mark her centenary and enjoyed a dance with a fellow resident at the Princess Alexandra care home where she lives in Blackpool.

Care services manager Elaine Wright said: “Eileen said she just wanted her telegram from the Queen - and to be loved.” 

She added: “Eileen’s not big on bubbly so her favourite tipple was on tap - Stella Artois. With a packet of custard creams, it’s her not-so-secret self-indulgence.” 

Former mill worker Maher, who only moved into the care home three years ago, said: “It’s all been wonderful. I didn’t expect a party but it’s lovely they have done something so special for me. Being content has helped me reach my 100th birthday.” 

Sound advice.

 Maher also showed she was young at heart by posing for her first selfie