13 Signs You Are Totally Still In Love With Your Ex

Yes, we're talking to you 👀

You may have technically broken up months (or even years) ago, but that doesn’t mean your heart necessarily got the memo.

Anyone who is still pining for an ex-partner knows the feeling - each day brings a new rollercoaster of emotions, meaning you’re never quite sure what to expect.

And if you’re confused about whether you’re over it, or still desperately in love, you might want to double check if any of these ring a bell.

1. You are unable to look at anything without being reminded of them.

2. You can’t remember a single thing they ever did wrong.

3. You hear yourself dropping their name into unrelated chats.

4. You sleep with their old items of clothing.

5. You have their Facebook page bookmarked.

6. You leave totally casual comments on their new pictures.

7. You stalk every female who likes their pictures (including grandma).

8. You haven’t deleted their number from your phone.

9. You find any excuse to talk to them.

10. You insist on religiously celebrating their birthday.

11. You can’t meet someone new without instantly comparing them.

12. You fantasise about getting back together all the time.

13. You are still letting them booty call you.


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