Stoke Newington Flooding Sees 350 People Forced To Flee Their Homes In North London

Ruptured pipe 'flooded street within 10 minutes.'

Some 350 people reportedly had to flee their homes in north London on Sunday when a water main ruptured - the third such incident in the city in just a week.

Videos and pictures shared on social media show torrents of water flowing down Stoke Newington High Street and Northwold Road after the pipe split around midday.

On Monday a ruptured pipe in Angel led to fire fighters having to rescue residents from their homes in an incident thought to have caused millions of pounds worth of damage.

A rest centre was set up at Hackney Town Hall for those who were forced to evacuate their homes. The Evening Standard said about 150 properties had been affected.

London Fire Brigade said about 40 fire fighters attended the scene along with six fifre eingers and two fire rescue units.

Hackney police tweeted: “Major flood due to burst water main at Northwold Road at the junction with Stoke Newington High St. Please avoid the area, major congestion.”

Jennyfer Jewell, 32, who lives in nearby in Gibson Gardens, told the Standard water had been bubbling up from the water pipe for several days before it burst.

The 32-year-old said: “We were just going about our business when we heard shouting outside. That was the police knocking on doors and telling people to get ready to evacuate.”

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