This Is How You Can Stop Taking Your Frustration Home From Work

And breathe.

It is a truth universally accepted that 90% of conversations with your spouse are not spent talking about happiness, holidays or kittens, but about your boss.

They know exactly how many times today you got a passive aggressive email from your supervisor, and why exactly that person in HR is really getting on your nerves.

And although we are all guilty of taking work frustrations home with us, it isn’t helping anyone.

Now scientists think they have found the key to leaving your office angst at the door – exercise and sleep.

portishead1 via Getty Images

A team of researchers, who recorded their findings in the Journal of Applied Psychology, found that being able to burn an additional 587 calories during your day can prevent this from being carried home.

Professor Shannon Taylor, from the University of Central Florida’s College of Business Management, said: “If [employees] have been belittled or insulted by a supervisor, they tend to vent their frustration on members of their household.

“Our study shows that happens because they are too tired to regulate their behaviour.”

The study tracked participants sleep patterns and daytime physical movements, and found employees who recorded an average of more than 10,900 steps each day were less likely to vent frustrations than people on less than 7000 steps.

For the average man, this can be achieved with an hour of swimming or ninety minutes of walking.

Taylor said: “I also think the study gives us a new perspective on the importance of getting an adequate amount of sleep and exercise. It’s not just food for you, it’s good for your spouse too.”