Stop Using The Same Password And Download One Of These Apps

This will change your life.

A new report by the government has revealed that a startling number of us are still using the same password for multiple online accounts.

Creating and managing a strong set of passwords is always the first thing we don’t do when it comes to our own cybersecurity. Mostly because it’s actually pretty unreasonable to expect us to remember 27 different passwords, all of which have to be unhackable.

Then of course there’s the feeling that ‘well I haven’t been hacked yet so clearly I don’t need to worry.’

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Well we’re here to tell you there’s a better way than constantly having to reset all your passwords because you keep forgetting them, and that is by using a password manager.

What is a password manager?

It’s an app that can create and store all of your passwords within a secure, encrypted folder located in the cloud.

All you have to do is remember one master password and then every time you need to login in to a website or app you’ll only need to remember that one.

Now if entering one long master password sounds like a chore consider these two points:

1. It isn’t actually that much of a chore compared to remembering 27 passwords, most of which you’ll have to reset because you’ve forgotten them.

2. Most smartphones have fingerprint sensors which can be used to unlock your password manager, making it even easier and more convenient to access all your stored passwords.

What are the best password managers?

Dashlane is in many ways the gold-standard of password managers. It's free to use on a single device and comes with a dizzying array of features. Not only will it generate powerful passwords for you, but it'll automatically save them when you create a new online account. Finally it'll store your credit card information and any secure notes you want kept safe. It's compatible with Touch ID, Face ID and fingerprint readers on Android smartphones.
Price: Free (1 device)/$39.99 per year (unlimited devices)
1Password is for those that use lots of devices across lots of different operating systems. It will work with literally anything. It offers many of the same options as Dashlane but also boasts an array of browser plug-ins that will let you access your passwords through Chrome, Safari or Firefox and log in automatically. No it's not free but its basic package is cheaper than Dashlane and supports one account on all your devices. It too supports fingerprint and Face ID logins.
Price: $2.99 per month (Unlimited devices)
Keeper Security
Keeper Security
Keeper might not look as swanky as the others but it's by far and away the best one for business users. It lets you record your previous passwords and see when any and all changes have been made to the account. Finally, Keeper also supports physical security keys letting you add another layer of protection in addition to your master password and fingerprint sensor.
Price: £20.99 per year (unlimited devices)
Finally, there's LastPass. Looking like Netflix for your cybersecurity this free password manager has the simplest layout and offers solid basic password management if you're after a no-frills approach. LastPass offers by far the best value of all three giving you free access to the apps basic password storage on an unlimited number of devices. It then offers a premium category if you're looking to add secure file storage or the ability to use physical security keys.
Price: Free (Unlimited devices)/$2 per month

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