Stop What You're Doing: A Gravy Bar Is Coming To Manchester

We have no words.

In one of the best things to happen on 2017 so far, a gravy restaurant is opening in Manchester.

Gravy Bar MCR is reportedly going to bring the mix of meat juices, onions and wine (if you’re fancy) to the city’s Northern Quarter. No exact address has been revealed, yet.

According to the eatery’s website, it will serve a choice of gravies, dishes and ‘extras’ – re-defining the meaning of ‘gravy train’ in the process.

Up to ladle are ‘The Old Classic’ (the gravy you know and love from Sundays at home), ‘Our Beasto’ (dark and rich with pulled beef), ‘Hot Chilli Gravy (including Korean spices) and a veggie version with artichoke.

Choose one to go atop of meat or veggie pie, a giant Yorkshire pudding or ‘mash of the day’. Sides include pickled eggs, stuffing balls, chips, and, erm, hundreds and thousands - which makes us question if this whole thing is an elaborate hoax designed to parody hipster openings.

The menu also claims that gravy enthusiasts can bring their own pie to be crowned with the sauce of kings. Or a thermos to be filled up, if that floats your gravy boat.

If it’s real, we’re certainly on board.