Stormzy Embarrassed After Forgetting To Take Off Slippers Before BBC Breakfast Appearance

The rapper had to follow his own advice and Own It during the interview.

You know that anxiety dream you used to have about accidentally turning up for school in your pyjamas? Well, Stormzy just experienced the real-life equivalent.

The chart-topping grime star was left rather embarrassed on Tuesday morning, when BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker pointed out he’d made an unfortunate choice of footwear for his appearance on the show.

At the beginning of their interview, Dan revealed to viewers that Stormzy was wearing slippers, saying: “Can I just say, first up… those slippers are amazing.”

The embarrassed rapper quickly responded: “I know… do you know what it is, I forgot. No I actually forgot. I’m an idiot.”

Stormzy on BBC Breakfast
Stormzy on BBC Breakfast

He went on to add that he had been wearing his slippers at a signing in Bristol, and absent-mindedly got in the car to take him to his BBC Breakfast interview before changing into a more traditional choice of shoe.

“I got in the car and I was like, damn,” he added. “So…”

Still, no one can say Stormzy doesn’t know how to work a look. The Union Jack stab-proof vest, the bright orange tracksuit bottoms and now… the slippers.

Oh dear
Oh dear

It’s fair to say it’s been a bit of an eventful week for Stormzy, after he found himself swapping insults with fellow grime star Wiley, culminating in the chart-topping rapper debuting a diss track on Monday afternoon.

On the song – titled Disappointed – Stormzy accuses his rival of “using his name for clout”, before dropping the line: “I’m so big that the only thing bigger than me last year was Brexit.”

Stormzy also recently celebrated landing the first number one single of the new decade, after the Ed Sheeran collaboration Own It topped the UK charts.

BBC Breakfast airs every day from BBC One at 6am.

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