Millie Bobby Brown Apologises For Faking Her Skin Care Routine: 'I'm Not An Expert'

Things are getting stranger and stranger.

Millie Bobby Brown is apologising for one of the Stranger Things we’ve seen in the beauty space this year.

The 15-year-old actor raised eyebrows last week after publishing a video of her supposedly replicating her nighttime skin care routine to support her new vegan skin care line, Florence by Mills.

In the YouTube clip, it becomes apparent that Millie isn’t actually washing off her makeup or applying anything, as the makeup on her face remains intact and no products are used, despite her verbal commentary throughout the clip, where she says things like, “I’m applying now!”

Screenshots from Millie Bobby Brown's skin care video.
Screenshots from Millie Bobby Brown's skin care video.

After lots of backlash, she apologised on Thursday for the nearly two-minute video where she supposedly tried out products like a face mist, scrub and a moisturiser.

“I’m still learning the best way to share my routines as I get to know this space better — I’m not an expert,” Millie wrote on Instagram. “I thought doing a quick video replicating my personal process for that night was okay, but that’s not what was conveyed.”

She added: “I understand, I appreciate all of your feedback on this journey, please keep sharing your thoughts and I will too!”

Despite asking fans to share their thoughts, comments on Brown’s latest Instagram have been disabled, as have the comments on her video, which has more than 425,000 views.

People on social media are still confused as to why the video happened in the first place:

Others thought the clip harkened back to the backlash Kylie Jenner faced for her suspicious face wash routine:

Kylie Jenner came under fire earlier this year for demonstrating how she uses her foaming face wash and washing her face for only six seconds, when most dermatologists recommend at spending at least 20 to 30 seconds scrubbing, while others advise at least 60.

People also called out the beauty mogul for leaving so much foundation on that it was visible on her towel when she dried off her face at the end:

Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell also faced a similar criticism for a Bioré makeup remover ad in September 2018 where it looked like she pretended to wipe off eye makeup: