05/10/2017 15:37 BST

These Are The 10 Strangest Baby Names Parents Have Ever Heard

'Sounds like a potato.'

Parents who choose unusual baby names know they’ll have to brace themselves for some criticism - after all you can’t please everyone.

If you’re looking for a name that will certainly get people talking, then you’ll be intrigued by this thread on Mumsnet started by a mother who overheard a mum calling out to her daughter called Beige at the supermarket. 

At first I thought I had misheard Paige...but no, definitely Beige,” she wrote, before asking others to share their opinions on the “worst” names they’d encountered.

kirza via Getty Images

And the responses didn’t disappoint.

1. Eritrea

“As in the country.”

2. Beowulf

After the warrior presumably.

3. Bubbles

“There is a mum on the school run who has a toddler called Bubbles, I asked if it was a nickname, it’s not.”

4. Oceania 

“I heard it in the local radio. A man was talking about his daughter ‘Oceania’. I had to do a double take as Oceania was a downmarket early 90s nightclub in town.”

5. Bronte

“Sounds like a horse.”

6. Piper-Rose

“Sounds like a potato.”

7. Khaleesi 

“I love a bit of ‘Game Of Thrones’ but wouldn’t go as far as naming my child from it.”

8. Hagley

“I grew up in Birmingham so know ‘Hagley’ as a very busy road.”

9. Justique

An unusual feminine version of Justin?

10. Aryan

Has its roots in Sanskrit.

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