17/08/2017 10:42 BST

A Level Results: Student Spotted Swigging From Hip Flask On Live TV

Celebrations are starting early in Wigan 😂 🍾

For many students, having a few celebratory drinks after finding out how they did in their exams is a big part of A Level results day. 

But one Wigan student has been heralded as the “ultimate lad” after he took it to the next level, swigging from a hip flask live on TV just moments after opening his results. 

“Some student celebrating A Levels the only way he should live on GMB,” one man tweeted after posting the to clip social media. 

The 8-second video, which was posted around 8am, has already been liked by more than 3,000 people and shared almost 1,500 times. 

Thankfully, the teen’s cheeky sip was a victory drink rather than attempt to drown his sorrows. 

James White, who claims to be the boy in the clip, says he bagged AAB in his exams and will be heading off to the University of Liverpool in September to study law. 

The 18-year-old told HuffPost UK he had the whole thing “all planned out”. 

“I was pessimistic about my results, so took the flask to ease the tension should I do badly,” White said.

“I didn’t want the presenter (or anyone else) to feel uncomfortable if I got 3 U’s. I also figured it would be pretty funny.” 

“The reaction has been very positive - everyone sees the funny side,” he added. 

White certainly seems to be right on that one, with the hilarious clip causing a minor storm on Twitter. 

“Full marks to the student in the background swigging from a hip flask just now,” one viewer wrote. 

Others also quickly joined in applauding his pre-9am celebrations: