Stunning Hubble Video Takes You On A Journey To The Centre Of The Milky Way

Hubble's New Video Sends You 27,000 Light Years In Just 30 Seconds

NASA's Hubble telescope has been able to peer further into the Milky Way than we ever could have imagined and now (if you have the stomach for it) you can make that journey as well.

In a new video released by the Hubble team you're invited to take a journey into the centre of our galaxy covering an eye-watering distance of 27,000 light years in just 30 seconds.


As you whizz through the galaxy's outer and then inner rim Hubble captures over half a million stars.

At the centre of our galaxy lies the Milky Way's supermassive black hole, a giant ball of nothing which has a mass over 4 million times that of our own sun.

Using Hubble's infrared camera scientists are able to get an unprecedented look at the galactic core.

Sadly though, even Hubble's all-seeing eye isn't as powerful as we would like - unable to penetrate the thickest clouds of dust the light thousands of light years away.

To give you some idea of just how much you're still not seeing, scientists estimate that there are over 10 million stars in the central cluster that we still can't see because they're simply too faint.


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