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Stylish Men’s Cycling Gear That Doesn't Look Like Cycling Gear

Cool kit for those who love cycling but hate Lycra.
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Lycra isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It might be practical for cycling, but you don’t always want to stroll into the pub wearing a figure-hugging, neon outfit. We’ve put together a round-up of the best cycling gear that looks just like streetwear. From the outside, these garments appear to be regular jeans or boots, but secret cycling features are hidden within the seams.

Ankaa biker jacket
Biker jackets aren’t naturally suited to cycling, however Meame have designed a lightweight, stylish alternative. The Ankaa biker jacket has all the sophistication of a city coat combined with technical material that makes it fully waterproof. Made with Italian fabric, it’s stretchy and breathable, plus the detachable sleeves provide extra ventilation for those warmer days. Handy details - like the reflective patches and internal headphone eyelet - make this jacket one-of-a-kind.
Ankaa biker jacket, Meame
Lumo Regents parka jacket
When British brand Lumo design cycling gear, they ask themselves: “Would we feel good walking into a bar to meet our friends wearing this?” Their Regents Parka looks like a regular street jacket, however it’s made with world-class waterproof wool fabric, built to withstand even the heaviest of downpours. Switch on the built-in LED lights at night to keep you safe on your ride home.
Regents parka jacket, Lumo
Thousand heritage helmet
Do you leave your helmet at home because it looks nerdy? Stay safe and look stylish with a Thousand bike helmet. They’ve ditched the traditional racer look for a minimal retro-style lid that you’ll actually want to wear. Each helmet also has a secret poplock hidden behind the logo, which allows you to lock your helmet securely to your bike.
Heritage helmet, Thousand
Weathergoods Urban Tote bicycle bag
When it comes to cycling style, the Swedes can do no wrong. Weathergoods have designed the pannier bag to beat all others. Made from weather-resistant vegan leather, the Urban Tote is spacious yet comfortable enough to carry on your shoulder. Inside you’ll find a padded laptop pouch that’ll protect your technology from any bumps in the road.
Urban Tote bicycle bag, Weathergoods
Café du Cycliste Armelle shirt
Cafe du Cycliste Armelle shirt
Arrive at work smelling sweet in Café du Cycliste’s Armelle Shirt. It’s made from natural merino wool blended with a cotton chambray. Not only does it offer more stretch that your average cotton shirt, but merino holds natural antibacterial properties which reduce odours post-ride. We love that this shirt just looks like a normal streetwear, ready for a meeting clients or mates in a pub.
Armelle shirt, Café du Cycliste
Swrve Cordura slim fit men's jeans
Swrve Cordura slim fit mens jeans
Jeans aren’t great for cyclists; they’re just too tight and restrictive, right? Luckily, Swrve have designed the perfect pair of stretchy, slim fit jeans. Made with super tough Cordura denim, they are at least three-times more durable than regular jeans. There are plenty of cyclist-specific details from the back pocket, which fit a mini U-Lock, to the ankle cuffs that reveal handy reflective strips that glow in the dark.
Cordura slim fit men’s jeans, Swrve
Resolute Bay merino commuter T-shirt
Menswear designer Chris Taylor wanted to make urban commuter clothing that was not only tough but beautiful. Based in Belfast, Resolute Bay make comfortable, long-lasting cycling gear for city dwellers. Chris designs each product himself, hand-cutting and sewing every prototype. Their merino wool commuter T-shirts are the perfect base layer for any cyclist. We’d also recommend checking out their cycling jeans which Chris has spent years perfecting.
Merino commuter T-shirt, Resolute Bay
Duer Live Lite Journey commuter shorts
Love wearing shorts no matter the weather? You will dig Duer’s Live Lite Journey commuter shorts. They are lightweight, durable and made with impressive T2X fabric which provides ten times the stretch and mobility of traditional woven cotton. Say goodbye to damp, heavy shorts - fibres within these shorts absorb moisture away from the skin while you sweat. Guaranteed this classic garment will quickly become a staple in your cycling wardrobe.
Live lite journey commuter shorts, Duer