All Parents Will Sympathise With This Mum After Finding This Sudocrem Disaster

'At least it's not on the dog...'

Children have an uncanny ability to make horrifying messes in less than 10 seconds.

Now all parents are sympathising with this mum after she discovered her daughters Scarlett and Poppy had had a busy morning.

After a sleepless night, she films the scene for her husband Paul on her phone.

Entering her daughter’s bedroom, there is a scene of absolute devastation, with both her children (and the floor, bed and walls) covered in Sudocrem.

She sighs and says: “How am I going to get all this clean?”

Turning to her older daughter she asks: “Poppy, what have you done? You don’t know? Shall I tell you? You’ve got Sudocrem everywhere.”

Asking the toddler about what has happened she says: “Is this good or is this bad?”

To which she mumbles and replies “bad”.

The video, which was shared on her personal Facebook page, has now been viewed over 5.3 million times as parents all over the UK feel her pain.

Alan Fagan said: “All through that I was thinking…I hope that’s not Sudocrem. All parents will understand, it is an absolute nightmare to clean off.”

Marko MC gave her some advice on clearing it up: “Might as well throw out the bed, move house, and just start calling your daughter Casper rather than clean that up mate.”

Other parents praised the mum’s patience, Ali Jay said: “Mum sounds patient and less man than I would be. Good work!”

Another said: “At least you don’t have to get it out of your dog’s fur…”