Sue Gray's Report Into Downing Street Parties Expected Today

Boris Johnson is due to receive the results of the inquiry and then deliver a statement to the Commons.
WPA Pool via Getty Images

Boris Johnson is expected to receive Sue Gray’s report in to parties held in Downing Street during lockdown on Monday.

The prime minister’s response to the findings of the long-awaited inquiry by the senior civil servant could prove critical to whether he survives as Conservative Party leader.

If Johnson does receive the report this morning he would be expected to then deliver a statement on its contents to the Commons after 3.30pm.

Gray’s findings may be watered down from its initial conclusions, following a request from the Metropolitan Police.

Scotland Yard is conducting its own investigation into some of the potentially rule-breaking gatherings and asked that Gray’s report not prejudice its inquiry.

This has led to accusations the report will be a whitewash as the most serious allegations might not be made public.

Asked earlier if he had done “anything wrong”, Johnson told broadcasters in Essex the public would have to “wait and see the outcome of the investigations”.

“Of course I stick absolutely to what I’ve said in the past,” he added.

Some Tory MPs angry at both Johnson’s involvement in the gatherings and his handling of the revelations have already called on him to resign.

Others have been waiting for Gray’s report to be published before deciding whether to call for a no confidence vote in him as PM.


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