Sugababes Singer Keisha Buchanan 'Sets The Record Straight' After Reunion Comments

"It’s all love."
Sugababes during an appearance on This Morning last month
Sugababes during an appearance on This Morning last month
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Sugababes singer Keisha Buchanan has spoken out to clear up some of the group’s fans’ assumptions about their upcoming reunion tour.

Throughout their time in the spotlight, Sugababes became known for their hits like Overload, Freak Like Me, Push The Button and About You Now, as well as the numerous line-up changes they went through as a band.

Last month, it was announced that the three-piece’s original line-up of Keisha Buchnan, Mutya Buena and Siobhan Donaghy would be touring the UK in the autumn, with the band promoting their upcoming shows with festival performances and TV interviews, as well as online.

Recently, Keisha, Mutya and Siobhan recently appeared in a TikTok video inspired by Sugababes’ Push The Button and the song’s accompanying music video.


Thanks for making Push the button go viral 16 years later! #sugababes #fylシ #pushthebuton

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The clip raised eyebrows among some Sugababes devotees as this song was released long after Siobhan’s departure from the group, when Heidi Range had become part of the band.

Over the weekend, Keisha shared another video on her personal TikTok, responding to fans’ comments.

Admitting she usually has a policy about not reading comments online, the star explained: “Today I had some time and I did notice that there were a lot of comments about our remake of Push The Button in the elevator. And I just wanted to give you an exclusive.

“I think it’s important for everyone to understand that when you are in a group and there are line-up changes, it would be really hard for me and Mutya not to be able to celebrate ourself and our legacy without Siobhan, because we are currently in the group with Siobhan.

“It was exactly the same when we were in the group with Heidi, we would do Overload, because that was something we wanted to celebrate. And to deny one just wouldn’t be cool. We want to be able to celebrate all of our achievements and that’s the first thing I wanted to clear up, so I hope you now obviously understand that.”

Sugababes pictured in 2005 during Heidi Range's tenure
Sugababes pictured in 2005 during Heidi Range's tenure
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Keisha also spoke out to insist that her former bandmates Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah are both “very happy” about the original Sugababes’ reunion.

“They’re very happy for us, they’re supporting us from afar, and it’s all love,” Keisha explained, quashing any rumours about beef among past members of the group.

“It’s not what you think it is, guys. Yes we’ve been through things, and that’s life, but I hope, guys, that if you ever go through things with people that you don’t hold onto bitterness, and all of that strife and craziness. It’s about moving forward and being progressive.

“All of those things happened years ago and we respect everyone, whatever they brought to the table at that time. But we just want to focus on the positive so I hope you understand and I’ll go back to not reading comments now.”

“I think collectively we would all agree that Heidi had her part of it and is a massive part of Sugababes,” she said. “For her to have done that journey with us, she is just as important to the journey of Sugababes.

“We’ve seen Heidi and there’s no bad blood or anything like that.”

Mutya added: “There’s no time to have bad blood with people. You’ve always got to give people their flowers.”

Sugababes went through a total of four different line-ups before they eventually disbanded in 2011.

After Siobhan’s first exit, Heidi joined in 2001, with Amelle replacing Mutya when she chose to leave in 2006.

Towards the end of the group, Amelle and Heidi were open about their personal issues with Keisha, who was replaced by Jade Ewen in 2009.

Sugababes' final line-up disbanded in 2011
Sugababes' final line-up disbanded in 2011
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This fourth incarnation of the Sugababes lasted just over a year, with the original line-up reforming and releasing the single Flatline in 2013 under the moniker Mutya Keisha Siobhan.

After winning back the Sugababes name, they released their first single in six years, a collaboration with DJ Spoony, in 2019, and are now gearing up for a full UK tour.


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