15/09/2017 10:48 BST | Updated 15/09/2017 11:34 BST

'Strictly Come Dancing' 2017: Susan Calman Admits She's Struggling With 'Dizziness'

'My goodness do I feel sick.'

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ star Susan Calman has admitted she’s having a particularly tough time with one aspect of the rehearsals.

Last weekend, an emotional Susan found out that she had been partnered with her favourite professional, Kevin Clifton, and the two have since hit the rehearsal studio ahead of their dance floor debut next week.

However, it seems Susan is not exactly used to being twirled around, confessing she’s struggling with dizziness behind the scenes.

Susan and Kevin in rehearsals

In a video posted on the official ‘Strictly’ page, which Susan retweeted, she explained: “I have felt physically sick from the moment I arrived here until now.

“The dizziness is really bad, it is really bad, because it’s not just doing the dance... we’re rehearsing for eight hours a day, so it’s a lot.

“So that’s the one issue, my goodness, do I feel sick.”

Following this, the clip showed Kevin making a misstep while they rehearsed, which tickled Susan, who commented: “It’s a shame when your partner lets you down, isn’t it?”

Later, Susan admitted she was experience back and neck pain through her vigorous rehearsing, adding: “That’s like a trophy. I think if you do a day’s rehearsing and you don’t feel anything you’ve done something wrong. You need to feel something, don’t you?”

Susan isn’t the only ‘Strictly’ star to complain of dizziness in the rehearsal studio, though, with last year’s fan-favourite Ed Balls experiencing a similar problem in 2016.

Professional star Katya Jones admitted their rehearsals could be “trying” because of his frequent need for breaks, remarking: “He gets too dizzy from all the spins and turns so he has to lie down and starts feeling sick. He just gives me an evil look like, ‘Oh my god’.

“But I don’t want him to lose his own little style which is great really. He doesn’t see that it’s a massive improvement but he is improving so much.”

Susan, this one’s for you...

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