Susanna Reid Left Red-Faced As Justin Timberlake Brands Her A ‘Super Hot’ Grandmother

'I can retire now!'

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner and David Beckham are already fans, and now Susanna Reid can add Justin Timberlake to her list of famous admirers.

The US singer branded the ‘Good Morning Britain’ host “super hot” as he made an appearance on the ITV breakfast show on Wednesday (19 October).

Susanna was left flustered when JT appeared in a video clip with ‘Trolls’ co-star Anna Kendrick, and discussed the small role the presenter has in the film.

<strong>Susanna Reid couldn't believe Justin Timberlake called her "super hot"</strong>
Susanna Reid couldn't believe Justin Timberlake called her "super hot"

Susanna voices of his grandmother of Justin’s character, Grandma Rosiepuff, in the upcoming animation.

Holding up a photo of Susanna, Justin said: “Good morning, Britain! Susanna look you’re here with us! You play my grandmother in ‘Trolls’. You look way too young... I have a super hot grandmother!”

<strong>Justin made an appearance on 'Good Morning Britain'</strong>
Justin made an appearance on 'Good Morning Britain'

As they cut back to the studio, Susanna couldn’t believe her luck, with co-host Piers Morgan also left in shock.

“Oh my god, that’s astonishing!” he said. “I didn’t know you got all that! That is very cool though Timberlake doing the whole you look too young to be a granny!”

Susanna added: “I can retire now!”

‘Trolls’ is set to hit UK cinemas on Friday (21 October).

Good Morning Britain’ airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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