Sylvester Stallone Shows Al Pacino How To Take A Selfie And We Can't Even

Just two Hollywood legends hilariously grappling with 21st-century technology.

Sylvester Stallone shows fellow Hollywood icon Al Pacino how to take a selfie in a new video clip that should reassure Luddites young and old. (Watch it below.)

In a preview of the reality show The Family Stallone, which premiered Wednesday on Paramount+, the two eat pizza and catch up.

Pacino mentions to Stallone that he’s seen his daughters’ podcast, prompting the Rocky star to remark that Pacino is more “tech savvy” than he is.

“Well, I can text. I haven’t been able to take a photo yet,” the Oscar-winning Pacino replies. “My son [Anton] keeps telling me, ‘Send me stuff, Dad. Send me stuff.’ I said, ‘I’ll ask Sly.’”

Stallone calls him a liar as he pulls out his phone and tells the Godfather legend: “This is how it works, see.” Stallone appears to take a photo or two.

The conversation meanders from their gray hair to Stallone, 76, noting that Pacino, 83, is now on The Family Stallone reality show.

“Everything happens if you stay alive,” Pacino said.

The two were spotted last July at a pizza joint in Beverly Hills, California, with cameras rolling.

Maybe by now Pacino has mastered the art of selfie-shooting.


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