9 Rules Of Dating A New Person In December

To present or not to present?

The first few months of dating someone new are always a honeymoon of peace, love and intolerable smugness.

And even more so if you win the romantic lottery and score yourself a partner in December, just in time for winter hibernation (and extra Christmas presents).

Here are the rules that all couples must consider when you find yourself getting cosy and committed under the mistletoe.

1. Do congratulate yourself on finding someone to legitimise your anti-social winter schedule.

Now you have someone to binge watch those Netflix boxsets with.

2. Do force them to take you ice skating.

This applies to all embarrassing winter activities that make you feel like you’re in Love Actually.

3. Don’t take them Christmas shopping.

Unless you want to be single again by 1 January.

4. Do regularly wear your terrible seasonal knitwear.

Nothing like a true test of love early on in the relationship.

5. Don’t call them when you’re at your office Christmas party.

Guaranteed next-morning regrets.

6. Do watch the number of pigs in blankets you eat in a single session when they’re watching.

You can’t unsee that pork fest.

7. Do buy them a present.

There is nothing worse than the awkward void of silence in a one-way gift exchange.

8. Do consider carefully whether Christmas is the best time for them to meet your parents.

Especially when you’ll have to share the spare bedroom with your cousins.

9. Do play it cool when it comes to making plans for NYE.

It’s not like we’ve been thinking about it for the last 365 days.

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