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Tanya Roberts Died Of Urinary Tract Infection, Rep Confirms

The James Bond star died in hospital on Monday – a day after her spokesperson incorrectly announced her death.

Tanya Roberts died after a urinary tract infection spread to other parts of her body, her representative has confirmed. 

The US actor – known for her roles in the James Bond film A View To Kill and the Charlie’s Angels TV series – died in an LA hospital on Monday night, after she collapsed while walking her dogs on Christmas Eve. 

News of her death came a day after her representative, Mike Pingel, prematurely announced to the media that she had died following a visit Tanya’s partner paid to hospital, where he incorrectly believed she had died. 

After confirming Tanya’s death at the age of 65 on Tuesday, Pingel has now told Metro that she had suffered from a UTI.  

Lester Cohen via Getty Images
Tanya Roberts died at the age of 65

He said in a statement: “Her 18-year domestic partner Lance O’Brien received the phone call from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center last night at their home confirming her passing. 

“Roberts’ cause of death was from a urinary tract infection which spread to her kidney, gallbladder, liver and then blood stream.”

Tanya was known for appearing in James Bond film A View To A Kill 

Pingel previously announced to the media that Tanya had died on Sunday, but later told TMZ and The Associated Press that there had been a mistake and she was, in fact, still alive, but in poor health.

Tanya’s partner, Lance O’Brien, believed she had died, with the actor’s publicist telling The Associated Press that he claimed to have held Tanya as she seemed “to slip away”.

O’Brien – who had left the hospital without speaking to any medical staff – later received news from doctors that his partner was alive when he answered his phone during an interview with Inside Edition.

Pingel later confirmed that Tanya died at 9:30pm PT (US time) on Monday.

Tanya was famed for playing Stacey Sutton opposite Roger Moore’s 007 in the 1985 Bond film A View To A Kill. 

Tanya (left) also appeared in the final series of Charlie's Angels

She also portrayed Julie Roberts in the final season of Charlie’s Angels in 1980, with her character taking over from Shelley Hack’s Tiffany Welles as part of the crime-solving trio. 

Between 1998 and 2004, Tanya also starred in the US sitcom That ’70s Show in the supporting role of Midge Pinciotti, sharing the screen with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. 

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