Tattoo Artist Proposes To Girlfriend With Adorable Ink On His Leg


A tattoo artist has proposed to his unsuspecting girlfriend in the cutest and most creative way.

Vinny Capaldo-Smith asked his girlfriend Brooke Wodark to tattoo his ankle. But as she was getting the kit ready, he pulled up the leg of his shorts to reveal one of her drawings already inked on his leg, accompanied by the words: “Will you marry me?”

Below it were two check boxes, one for “yes” and one for “no”.

Wodark was incredibly emotional, but despite all of the shaking, she managed to ink an ‘X’ in the box marked “yes”. Adorable.

As a decoy, Wodark was asked to tattoo a simple heart on her boyfriend’s leg.

She was super nervous as she hadn’t tattooed anyone before. “I’m sweating,” she said, while putting on gloves and getting the kit ready.

Little did she know what was coming next.

Just as she was about to begin, Capaldo-Smith pulled up the leg of his shorts to reveal a tattoo on his thigh, asking her to marry him. He also pulled out a beautiful ring.

Luckily for Capaldo-Smith, Wodark said “yes” and, while sobbing and smiling, she inked a rather wobbly ‘X’ in the box on his leg.

She later told 9 News: “In the actual video, it looks like I really messed it up, luckily I retouched it and got a clean red ‘x’.

“I was in complete shock. I cried for like three hours in happiness.”

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A post shared by Brooke W (@_missbrookenicole) on