'Tattoo Fixers' Meet Real-Life Gingerbread Man With Buttons Inked Down His Body

He was tattooed in a friend's kitchen.

The team at Channel 4’s ‘Tattoo Fixers’ are used to seeing unusual ink, but even they were left speechless when a real-life gingerbread man walked through their door.

The man, who changed his name from Luke to Ginge by deed poll, decided to become a gingerbread man after years of being bullied for his red hair.

“Ever since I was small people have taken the piss out of the colour of my hair,” he said on the show.

“I’ve been known as ‘ginge’ pretty much all my life, so I decided to take ownership and change my name to Ginge.”

Channel 4

After changing his name, Ginge got three large buttons tattooed down his front to complete his gingerbread transformation.

In true gingerbread-style, he had the tattoos done in a friend’s kitchen, but it was a recipe for disaster.

Instead of the quirky design he was hoping for, Ginge was left with amateur-looking buttons.

Ginge's button tattoos before (left) and after (right) the Tattoo Fixers upgrade
Channel 4
Ginge's button tattoos before (left) and after (right) the Tattoo Fixers upgrade

Thankfully, tattoo artist Sketch was able to give him an upgrade.

Sketch gave the buttons a 3D enhancement and designed a second, sweet-themed tattoo for Ginge to complete his look.

The 28-year-old now has a pile of bright confectionary spilling out from under his skin on his shoulder.

Channel 4

He was over the moon with his new tattoos.

“Wow, that is amazing,” he said. “I’m a couple of steps closer to being a real-life gingerbread man.”

The episode is now avaialble to watch on Channel 4 On Demand.

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